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If the world's leading scientists figure out a way to feed the nuclear waste into a H3 o2 heavy water reactor it can use it for fuel and will reduce the radiation levels in the waste to the point that it can be consumed by the bacteria that has been found living in nuclear waste barrels around the world. I do agree that most of the nuclear power plants in our country need to be closed down most of them aren't even running at 60% efficiency and have to be subsidized by tax payer dollars in order to be profitable. I live down river of two thirds of our country's plutonium waste wich is leaking in to the water table of eastern Oregon and Washington state then it gets in Colombia river and poisons people and some of the best-selling salmon in our country I wish to see something done about the waste even if that means creating newer plants to burn the waste from the old one's and the refining prosecess of uranium rods and plutonium cores for the thousands of bombs and missiles that we have created in the last 70 years
Jan. 16, 2015, 10:49 p.m.